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Cupcakes, Cooking Classes and More

July 12, 2010 | By | 1 Reply More

Until recently I thought that Cups was just a cute little cupcake shop in the village. In fact, that’s pretty much what I said in an earlier post. I now know that “Cups” = Cupcakes, Cooking Classes and More.

Since my earlier post, I have now been introduced to “Cups Culinary,” the teaching kitchen at Cups, where all kinds of cooking classes take place. Visiting families can have a lot of fun at the “kids only” events and serious foodies might want to join the “Buttercream Breakdown” or the “Market-to-Table” experience featuring seasonal produce from the La Jolla Farmers’ Market.

Cups is located at 7857 Girard Avenue. The schedule of classes is below:

July 13, 20, 27 and every Tuesday throughout the summer
– Fun with Cupcakes (kids only)

Featuring Cups Pastry Chef Vanessa Brown

This class is for kids only, age 5 and up, who want to try their hand at cupcake decorating. Here they can frost and sprinkle, pipe buttercream, play with fondant, and dip in chocolate to their heart’s content. Take-out boxes will be provided for their 4 full-size cupcake masterpieces (per child). Drinks are provided. $30. 12:30-2 (Minimum 10; maximum 30).

July 23 and alternate Fridays throughout the summer – Parents’ Night Off – Cupcakes and a Movie (kids only)

Featuring Cups Pastry Chef Vanessa Brown

At this class, kids will decorate 2 cupcakes with lots of buttercream and sprinkles while watching a kid-friendly, G-rated movie. Drinks and snacks provided. Kids age 5-9. $25. 6:30- 9pm. (Minimum 10; maximum 30)

July 25 and most Sundays throughout the summer – Market-To-Table

Featuring Cups Culinary Director Chef Jesus Gonzalez, former Creative Chef for Rancho La Puerta.

Learn how to shop like a chef at the La Jolla Farmer’s Market…then learn how to cook like one too! Join Jesus on a tour of the Market, as he identifies and describes the freshest, local, seasonal ingredients available that day. The class will then collectively choose items for Jesus to cook in the Cups Culinary demo kitchen. Recipes will be provided to all participants. $65 includes lunch. 11am-2pm (Minimum 10, maximum 24). Wear comfortable walking shoes. Meet at Cups Culinary at 10:45am to walk to the market as a group; if unable to walk, join the group at the gate to the farmer’s market at 11am.

July 15 – Buttercream Breakdown

Featuring Cups Pastry Chef Alvis Alforque

Does the word “buttercream” conjure up only one image – the shortening and powdered sugar variety? Then this class is for you! Learn the differences in taste, texture and consistency of the 4 primary types of buttercreams – American, Swiss, Italian, and French – and how to master the preparation of each. Once armed with their buttercreams, guests will learn decorating styles and techniques appropriate for the various buttercreams, and after some practice, perform their handiwork on tasty Cups. $50. 6-9pm (Minimum 10, maximum 30).

July 22 – Fiesta Time Cupcakes

Featuring CIA***-trained Cups Pastry Chef Priscila Marquez

Come experience South of the Border flavor in a cupcake! Mexican chocolate…churro…chile-lime…Ole! This bi-lingual hands-on class will prepare batters and frostings for three different Mexican-flavored cupcakes, then bake and decorate 4 Cups per guest; take-home carriers provided. $70. 6-9pm (Minimum 10, maximum 24). ***Culinary Institute of America

July 24 – Feast of Figs

Featuring Guest Chef Andrea Ruhl, former mixologist at The Market restaurant in Del Mar and personal chef

California figs are at their peak now. Learn sweet and savory recipes – from appetizers to mains – to utilize these wonderful delicacies – including honey & balsamic vinegar-drizzled figs with herbed goat cheese and fresh ricotta, grilled fig & onion flatbread, and fig paté. $70. 2:30-5:30pm (Minimum 10, maximum 24).

July 29 – Fun with Fondant

Featuring award-winning cake decorator and Cups Pastry Chef Tiffany Myers

Have you ever wondered how to make those terribly fancy wedding-style cakes? Making and using fondant is easier than you think. At this hands-on class, students will learn the basics of fondant preparation, and roll out and cover their own “cake,” then decorate with additional fondant décor. $50. 6-9pm (Minimum 10, maximum 30).

To ensure a place in a class, make reservations through the Cups website or by calling 858-459-2877.

>Sounds yummy to me.

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