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Hawk Learning Agreement

December 9, 2020 | By More

Apprenticeships are not signed in Hire a Red Hawk. However, students can access the learning agreement model through their Hire a Red Hawk account and print it out. You will find the learning agreement under Resources > Library of Documents We reserve the right to review the agreement at any time, at our sole discretion. Any changes to these terms will be included in a revised version of this Agreement, available via the website. Your continued use of the website and related services after the release of the amendments to this Agreement constitutes your unconditional acceptance and consent to the announcement by the amended terms. You must stop using the site if you do not agree to be bound by the revised terms and conditions. Faculty advisors should work directly with their co-op students to conclude the apprenticeship agreement until the time limit set in the co-op schedule. Thank you for your visit to the hawkeslearning.com website. This document contains the terms and conditions applicable to your use of this site.

The license number is a 15-digit number that clearly identifies your copy of the Hawkes Learning System (HLS) software. Purchasing the software with a license number gives you access to this HLS software title. By installing the software, you accept the terms of the software license agreement that prohibits them from sharing your license number. For all HAWK faculties, below is an overview and detailed information on the modules of the respective bachelor`s and master`s programs. This gives international students access to all the relevant information they need to develop a curriculum/learning agreement at HAWK. By using this site, creating a user account, seeking technical assistance for our products and/or orders for products or services on this site, you accept the collection and use of personal data as part of our privacy policy, which is included in this Agreement. A copy of the privacy policy is available here: www.hawkeslearning.com/Privacy.htm. The mastery-based approach based on Hawkes Learning provides students with detailed and meaningful feedback, promotes a deep understanding of the curriculum and creates confidence in their learning.

This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding the use of this website and replaces all other explicit or unspoken agreements between you and us. This agreement is not amended unless it is provided for or signed in writing, signed by an authorized representative of Hawkes. If, for any reason, a provision of that agreement is found invalid or unenforceable, the rest of that agreement will be applied as far as possible and the impugned provision will be treated as if it were not part of that agreement. Our failure to act with respect to a violation of the agreement by you or others does not constitute a waiver of our rights with respect to that violation or subsequent violation, nor does it constitute a waiver of other rights under that agreement.

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