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Industrial Agreement for Hospitality Staff

December 16, 2020 | By More

Amendments introduced by the new Working Time Act The collective agreement provides for the changes made by the new Working Time Act by changing the reference period for working time to 12 months. (B) the employer has been notified in writing that the OTR has determined that the trainee meets the above requirements with respect to all relevant units of competence and that the employer has not informed the OTR and the trainee of any rejection of this assessment within 21 days of receipt of the recommendation. (ii) in the absence of an agreement referred to in clause 26.6 (c) (i), reimburse the employee for the cost of washing a particular garment. To this end, the employer may require the employee to provide proof of these costs. Improving the position of shop stewards In the context of collective bargaining, an agreement was also reached on measures relating to the position of shop stewards within the framework of the annexes to the collective agreement. • A new form of cooperation – annual discussions – to improve dialogue between workers and employers. Collective bargaining agreed that the objectives set for the workplace and the functioning of the system in the workplace would be discussed annually with workers` representatives. • Better time management for shop stewards in exceptional circumstances. An agreement must be reached on the ground on sufficient additional redundancy time for shop stewards, for example if repeated cooperation negotiations take place at the workplace. An additional period of dismissal is justified by situations where cooperative negotiations occupy a significant part of the time a trade union delegate is dismissed, making it more difficult for the trade union delegate to perform his or her other duties. • In groups active at the national level, collective bargaining unions may agree with the local parties on the appointment of a representative of the group.

Extended probationary period The maximum duration of a probationary period is extended by 6 months, compared to 4 months currently allowed. However, in the case of fixed-term employment contracts of less than 6 months, the probationary period may not exceed half of the duration of the employment relationship. At that time, separate wage negotiations took place. In the absence of an agreement in collective bargaining, the collective agreement will expire earlier. The agreement provides for a reduction in working hours for workers in this sector, as there are more days of annual leave. The annual Friday system, which will enter into force on 1.1.2022, will be modified. From this date, employees can earn a maximum of 9 paid birthdays, which is 2 days more than before. Among the most significant improvements to the collective agreement are changes in the management and well-being of workers.

The rest period between shifts must be at least 11 hours, unless otherwise agreed with the employee. 25.1 Section 25 applies to all employees at the classification level “Managers (Hotels)” according to Appendix A – Classification Structure and Definitions who receive a salary of at least 125% of the minimum annual salary in Clause 18.2 – Managers (Hotels). Contract text What`s new compared to the previous collective agreement? – Salary – Reduction of working time – Revision of the annual system of free time – Management of daily rest periods o Reduction in the number of consecutive night shifts Other changes and agreed points: Sickness benefit due to an accident at work Changes in working time following the new working time law Clarification of the rule for calculating the annual salary of traders Improvement of the probationary period 24.3 An agreement must take into account the structure of the work in the part of the hotel where the staff work. The process of reaching an agreement can take several weeks or months of discussions, knowledge and industry expertise in negotiations to address issues of importance to each party. Compensation provides employees with additional means or products to ensure they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. If you are subject to a premium or a modern enterprise contract, these documents describe the compensation you will have to pay. Level The collective agreement for workers in the hotel, restaurant and leisure sectors sets out the minimum requirements to be met in this sector, including remuneration, working hours, sickness benefits, equalisation of working hours, etc. The conditions are minimum conditions that employers must meet for all their employees. The agreement applies to employees covered by the Working Time Act. The collective agreement for hotel, catering and leisure workers generally applies to workplaces such as: restaurants, cafes, pubs, discotheques, caterers and personal canteens, kitchens and manufacturing services, hotels and other accommodation establishments, spa and wellness centres, campsites and caravans, holiday and holiday parks, rural tourist services, gas and transport stations, bowling centres, holiday centres and courtyards, congress and holiday parks.

Sales promotion, sales, marketing and mediation centres of Finnish tourist services. In short, collective bargaining in the industry took place under exceptional circumstances in 2020 due to the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In the spring of 2020, the previously agreed tariff period was extended until the end of September due to the coronavirus. At the end of the contract, an agreement was reached and the new collective agreement entered into force from 1.10.2020 to 31.3.2022. The amount of wage increases was not agreed in collective bargaining. The agreement includes two separate payroll review dates in February and October 2021. Not all hotels have signed the new security agreement. To check if your hotel has signed, click here. The price only covers certain levels of frames. For example, there is a classification under the price for “hotel manager”, but specific exclusions for “senior managers” responsible for an important area of the company, including company secretaries, accounting managers, human resources managers, place managers, etc.

(a) to terminate an agreement entered into under Schedule K if it is determined that the employer did not consult in accordance with clause K.7; The agreement was reached by PAM for employees and by the Finnish hotel association MaRa for employers. Approximately 75,000 employees in Finland are employed by the collective agreement. NOTE: Any disagreement arising from this provision must be dealt with in accordance with Article 40 – Dispute Settlement. NOTE: Appendix B.2 does not apply to executives (hotels) or casino gaming employees. The award includes employers and employees working in the “hotel industry”, the award states the following: The collective agreement for employees in the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry sets minimum conditions for working in the industry, including remuneration, working time bonuses, working hours and vacation. (e) The intern will receive the rate of pay referred to in clause 12.9(a) from the first full pay period beginning on the date on which an agreement or decision in accordance with clause 12.9(b)(iv) or on a date specified in clause 12.9(c) as part of the dispute resolution proceedings is entered into. Contract text What`s new compared to the previous collective agreement? • Remuneration • Reduction of working time – Revision of the annual leisure time system • Promotion of work management o Daily rest period o Reduction in the number of consecutive night shifts Other important changes and agreed points: Sickness benefits due to an accident at work Amendments resulting from the new Working Time Act Clarification of the rule for calculating annual leave allowance Improvement of the position Stewards Extended trial period A: Union management and staff have negotiated a coronavirus safety agreement. The agreement achieves three key objectives: Payment The agreement provides for salary review dates, but not the amount of increases.

The first salary increase date is 1.2.2021. Separate negotiations on wage increases will take place in January 2021. If there is no agreement in the wage negotiations before 31.1.2021, the collective agreement expires on 28.2.2021. . .

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