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Turo Agreement

December 19, 2020 | By More

Dispute resolution. In the event of a dispute between the parties, our objective is to provide you with a neutral and inexpensive way to resolve the dispute quickly. We recommend that you contact us directly to find a solution to support.turo.com. Appropriate dispute resolution claims through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as mediation or arbitration, will be considered alternative to litigation. To resolve travel disputes from the UK, click here to learn more. Check the terms of your vehicle leases or financing agreements to make sure they don`t prohibit your participation in car sharing. In addition, many states have laws that prevent subletting. While we do not believe that car sharing would be contrary to illegal subletting laws, there is no guarantee that all law enforcement agencies would accept. If you lose the ability to offer commercial rental insurance to your customers (z.B.

your policy has been terminated or not renewed), you must immediately change the condition of your vehicle. If the change is temporary, you can sleep your vehicle (s). If you need to permanently change your vehicle`s protection plan to a protection plan made available through the Services, contact us at the support.turo.com. Never let a customer pick up a vehicle or continue to use a vehicle without offering insurance coverage. You authorize Turo and its service providers to monitor or record, without notice or warning, and at our discretion, the telephone conversations that you or anyone acting on your behalf has given to Turo or its agents for quality control and training purposes. You recognize and understand that your communications with Turo can be listened to, monitored or recorded without notice or warning. If you do not wish to receive your call, please contact us in writing about support.turo.com. Turo Inc.

and its subsidiaries (together “Turo,” “we” or “us”) offer an online car-sharing platform that connects vehicle owners to travellers and Natives who wish to book these vehicles. Turo is available online, even with turo.com and as an app for mobile devices.

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