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Westmont Transfer Agreements

December 20, 2020 | By More

Many California universities, private or independent, will accept the completion of the GE-Breadth CHI and/or CSU to meet their lowest general education requirements; Others are often loaned for courses at Moorpark College, which are transferable to the University of California (UC TCA). In addition, Moorpark College has developed articulation agreements with some of these schools. The goal of California Community Colleges` (HBCUs) University and University Transfer Program (HBCUs) is to develop transfer guarantee agreements that will allow students to move smoothly from all Colleges in the California Community to HBCUs partners. These agreements will simplify the transfer process and reduce the need for students to take unnecessary courses, thereby reducing the time it takes to graduate by reducing costs. Thanks to an agreement signed on March 17, 2015 between California Community Colleges and several HBCUs, a transfer to a participating HBCU is guaranteed. Other benefits of the program for students under the agreement include priority consideration of housing, consideration of transfer grants for students with an MPA of 3.2 or higher, and pre-admission advice. Visit Westmont and visit one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. Our location in the foothills of picturesque Santa Barbara offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. We would be happy to welcome you to our wooded acres and formal gardens. You will learn from first-class teachers and dedicated students how Westmont can prepare you for a lifetime journey of spiritual growth, academic aspiration and personal maturity. Enjoy a preview day or create your own unique experience by visiting westmont.edu/visit. International Transcripts In order to consider course work outside the United States for potential transfer credits, students must have their international transcripts translated and evaluated by a recognized international credit reporting organization. The results of the evaluation should be forwarded to Westmont College.

We accept these assessments by member organizations of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (World Education Services, Inc.) or by American Education Research Corporation, Inc. Transcripts translated and evaluated by other organizations are not accepted. Six UC campuses at the University of California offer the Admission Guarantee (TAG) transfer for students in the California community who meet certain requirements. By participating in a TAG, you benefit from an early review of your scientific file, a declaration of early authorisation and specific advice on the main preparatory and general training programs. Keep in mind that TAG applications are due on September 30, but you can only apply for one DAY on a campus. You must also file a regular UC application during the normal application period (November 1 and 30). To keep your options open, you can also contact other UC campuses during the regular application cycle. To qualify for a TAG UC, students must complete at least 60 transferable units before the end of the spring semester before the transfer at the time of the TAG application (September 1 and 30). UC CampusMinimum GPA Requirements UC Davis 3.2 – 3.3 UC Irvine 3.4 UC Merced 2.8 – 3.0 UC Riverside 2.7 – 3.2 UC Santa Barbara 3.2 UC Santa Cruz 3.0 Changes, and some majors are excluded from TAGs. Although we do not have a TAG with UCLA, we participate in their Transfer Alliance Program (TAP), which provides priority admission criteria for honorary students for UCLA College of Letters and Science majors.

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