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Japan Joined Germany And Italy In The Tripartite Agreement. This Stated That They Would

April 10, 2021 | By More

“It is assumed that some progress has been made in our discussions on the general principles that form the basis of a peaceful Pacific-wide settlement. Recently, the Japanese ambassador said that the Japanese government wanted to continue talks on a comprehensive and peaceful settlement in the Pacific Pacific region; that it would be useful to create an atmosphere conducive to the positive outcome of the talks if a temporary modus vivendi could be agreed while talks on a peaceful solution would continue in the Pacific. On 20 November, the Ambassador of Japan forwarded proposals to the Secretary of State regarding temporary measures to be taken by the Government of Japan and the United States Government, providing for measures to achieve the above objectives. The real deliberations had already taken place from 9 to 10 September, when Japanese Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka met with the German Ambassador to Tokyo, Heinrich Stahmer, to elaborate on all the details. The Japanese wanted a carte blanche in Southeast Asia, and they should have it. The Third Reich wanted to put pressure on the British fleet, which still maintained the supremacy of the navy in the Strait of Dover. Matsuoka has pledged to deliver it by attacking the British far east stronghold of Singapore. He felt that it would be desirable to wait for the arrival of Japan`s new ambassador, Admiral Nomura, before making a decision on the approach. On February 14, the Secretary of State delivered his scriptive letter to the President, and on March 8, the Secretary of State held his first in-depth meeting with the Ambassador. On this occasion, the Secretary stressed that this government`s efforts to set up a world organization along liberal trade lines were hampered by military conquest movements in different parts of the world and, taking into account press articles containing indications, he expressed the hope that the ambassador could have something in particular in mind.

, which would provide a hands-on approach to managing the current course of government. Moreover, only Japan`s negative assurances that it does not intend to continue its forward movement have not been and have not been able to adequately meet the needs of the situation; It was essential that Japan also show a positive intention to adopt a policy consistent with the liberal and constructive principles and programs that had been discussed during the discussions. On the contrary, the contemporary manifestations of Japanese politics and action, such as the movement of Japanese forces to southern India, the strengthening and acceleration of Japanese military preparations in their own country, the continued bombardment of the Chinese civilian population by Japanese forces, and the constant agitation of the Japanese press in support of extremist actions. , the uncompromising and belligerent public statements of the Japanese leadership and the tactics of the larodont or disguised threat, which has become a permanent feature of the Japanese diplomatic procedure. There were compelling reasons to think that if the Japanese could not be brought, either before such a meeting or at such a meeting, to specific and essentially detailed commitments, the only real effect of such an agreement, which could eventually be concluded, would be to facilitate the operations of Japanese military leaders with a view to implementing their “New Order” programme for East Asia and the Western Pacific region. As part of the exploratory discussions, this government had previously fully exposed to the Japanese government its policy of self-defence against the German conquest movement in the world and had sought assurances from the Japanese government that the tripartite treaty would not force Japan to attack the United States if the United States were involved in the war with Germany through acts of self-defence.

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