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The Agreement On Technical Barriers To Trade

April 12, 2021 | By More

These criteria are broader than all commitments on the content of technical rules, which ensure that all issues that will be dealt with at a later date can be identified as soon as possible. However, in the event of “urgent security, health, environmental protection or national security issues,” Article 2.10 provides for an alternative procedure to expedite the procedure. 11.1 When necessary, members have advice on other members, including members of the developing country, when developing technical rules. 10.1.1 any technical regulations adopted or proposed on their territory by central or local authorities, by non-governmental bodies legally empowered to enforce technical regulations, or by regional standards bodies of which these bodies are members or participants; 13.3 It is considered that unnecessary duplication between the work done under this agreement and that of governments in other technical bodies should be avoided. The Committee is examining this issue in order to minimize these duplications. 12.9 In consultations, members of developed countries take into account the particular difficulties faced by members of developing countries in developing country development and implementation of technical standards and regulations and compliance assessment procedures and, in their willingness to assist members of developing countries in their efforts, members of developed countries take into account the specific financing needs of members of industrialized countries. , trade and development. 5. Parties to the dispute have access to all relevant information available to a group of technical experts, unless it is confidential. Confidential information made available to the technical group cannot be disclosed without the formal permission of the government, the organization or the person providing it. If such information is requested by the technical expert group, if the technical expert group does not authorize the disclosure of this information, a non-confidential summary of the information is provided by the government, the organization or the person providing it.

2.6 In order to harmonize technical requirements on as broad a basis as possible, members are fully involved, within their resources, in the development by appropriate international standards bodies of the products for which they are or are waiting to adopt technical provisions. The committee is responsible for conducting an annual review of activities related to the implementation and implementation of the OBT agreement, including notifications, specific trade issues, technical assistance activities and OBT litigation. The last annual report was distributed in February 2020. 6.3 Members are encouraged to be willing, at the request of other members, to enter into negotiations for mutual recognition agreements on the results of mutual compliance assessment procedures. Members may require these agreements to meet the criteria set out in paragraph 1 and to satisfy each other`s opportunities to facilitate trade in the products concerned. 9.1 Where positive assurance of compliance with a technical regulation or standard is required, members, where possible, formulate and adopt international compliance assessment systems and become members of or participate in this regulation.

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