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Agreement Ending War Etc

September 9, 2021 | By More

We both recognize that such a new agreement is feasible and viable only if it can deserve and enjoy the loyalty of the different traditions of this island, engaging in diversity and ensuring national reconciliation.28 (additions) Perhaps the best way to characterize the role of capacity for action is to say that circumstances have given a reasonably favorable hand to each of the main actors, which facilitated the agreement. but that everyone played the hand quite skillfully. The experience of Northern Ireland highlights an important factor highlighted in the literature on conflict resolution – the importance of maturity.108 The mere fact that the parties adopted in 1998 what they rejected in 1973 strongly indicates that changing circumstances have played a decisive role. But this observation is of limited value to the practitioner, without some guidance to assess when the circumstances are “ripe”. While policymakers are often limited as to what they can do to create the conditions that make a conflict ripe for settlement,109 it is an important instrument of the state`s art to identify an opportunity when it emerges. It is equally important to understand when a conflict is not ready to be negotiated: it can be said that the premature efforts that led to the Sunningdale Agreement in 1973 did indeed help to prolong the conflict. For the agreement to work, it was essential for trade unionists to believe that, whatever long-term risks they might take in demographic matters, etc., the IRA`s cessation of violence – and the use of exclusively peaceful means – was not only tactical. To some extent, trade unionists saw the dismantling as a reduction in the IRA`s ability to return to war. But most of them understood that the IRA could easily replace all the weapons it destroyed.

More importantly, the union`s conviction was that, because the IRA had been so opposed to dismantling in the past, a dismantling agreement was a real sign of peaceful intentions. It is precisely for this reason that the IRA was not prepared to take modest steps to dismantle until the agreement was concluded. Perhaps the best way to characterize the Agency`s role is to say that circumstances gave each of the major players a reasonably favorable hand that facilitated the agreement, but that each played the hand quite skillfully.99 Everyone saw earlier than many others the way forward that led to the agreement. . . .

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