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The Agreement Id Specified Is Invalid

October 11, 2021 | By More

After the account exits, other users can view agreements on the Adobe Sign account, but not in SalesForce. Version 18 and above, because it does not support account sharing If you receive the error “Invalid id”, please read this help document Receive an error “Invalid user id or email provided in user header x api” when sending the agreement en. I have a similar problem. I am a group administrator for the group and the error “The specified contract ID is invalid” is only displayed in a few cases, but not in all cases. Error clicking the View Agreement tab under the entire Salesforce agreement. The user is advised to use the attached signed PDF under the contract dataset to view the agreement. Your error indicates that the agreement ID is not valid, so you will likely have a formatting/syntax issue in the flow actions that access the agreement ID. If you could provide an extended screenshot of your feeds and steps, as well as detailed error messages you receive, we could probably help you better. This occurs when the user who is not on the transaction tries to view the Salesforce Agreement Record contract. It is recommended that users use the signed PDF file in the contract file to view the agreement.

“The Cloud Document API returned the error: INVALID_TARGET_OBJECT: Invalid contract ID.” My client cannot sign an agreement because she receives the message “The contract ID is not valid”. Only the sender of the agreement can view agreements on salesforce according to version 18 and later. If you receive the “Invalid Id” error, please read this help document to retrieve an error message “Invalid user ID or email in x-api user header” when sending the agreement. Error clicking the View Tab agreement tab under the Salesforce contract record. After the account is unlocked, other users can view agreements on the Adobe Sign account, but not in SalesForce. Version 18 and above, because account version 3 is not supported. If it`s not 2, does the owner of the agreement have to share the agreement with you? The Adobe Sign System Flow Connector cannot successfully perform the “Restore Field Data” action if the original sender is someone other than the owner of the Flow account who is trying to perform the action. From what I was able to get help was the design for some unfathomable reason. This means that the connector is only useful for personal flows, destroying any hope of native processing of AdobeSign agreements in a business environment.

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