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Uup Telecommuting Agreement

October 13, 2021 | By More

A June 25 broadcast email from Human Resources indicated that the campus would be updated by July 10 with respect to telework. This was done pending the approval of our “reopening plan” by the SUNY System Administration and this region of the state could enter Phase 4. We are pleased to announce that the university plan has been approved and the Hudson Valley has been liberated for Phase 4 this week. In Phase 4 » Universities, universities and other universities can open. The agreement has been in existence since March 13; Both sides approved it as a pilot program and a “complex strategy to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19 in New York State, particularly among the state workforce,” a copy of the agreement says. In the past, the state and SUNY have resisted UUP`s efforts to negotiate a national telework agreement that offers employees across the system the opportunity to telework. The need for the state to respond to the current pandemic has given us the opportunity to protect the health of our members and perhaps see that telework can work where it is operationally feasible. “We are grateful to the state and new SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras for working with us to extend this agreement,” Kowal said. A teleworker is required to report to the official site at any time at the request of management. A teleworker may request leave provisions instead of returning to the official position.

These applications are reviewed in accordance with all the usual standards for the use of holiday provisions. If teleworkers are invited by management to come to the official site on a scheduled telework day, it should not be expected that telework will be in exchange for a replacement telework day. However, since flexibility is a key element of the program, a planned telework day may be changed at management`s discretion during the same payment period. When a teleworker is required to report to their official place of work, they are neither reimbursed for the trip nor paid for the trip. Starting Tuesday, March 17, all non-essential public servants, including those at SUNY, will be working from home under a new telework pilot program to limit the spread of COVID-19. The program was established through agreements with the CSEA, PEF and UUP and also applies to M/C employees.

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