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What Is Utilisation Agreement

October 15, 2021 | By More

The right to terminate the contract for a valid reason at any time and without notice remains reserved. Termination for cause applies in particular if the user violates any of the provisions of this User Agreement or applicable data protection laws. In the event of significant causes, GlobalRecom AG may also temporarily or permanently block the user`s access to GLOBALRECOM or introduce restrictions on the functions of GLOBALRECOM to which the user can access and/or delete the data entered by the user. We observe this effect of exchange rates on the Utilization rate of the AKFTA ALET. In particular, by examining the product-level use of AKFTA in the exports of ten ASEAN countries to Korea during the period 2007-2011, we find statistically significant evidence that a devaluation of the ASEAN exporter`s currency against the importer`s currency (the Korean won) increases AKFTA utilization rates. In particular, the positive effects of exchange rates are greater for regional value content rules than for non-regional value content rules, which implies, at least in part, that exchange rates influence preference utilization rates by changing the value-added ratio, which plays a key role in AKFTA`s regional value content rules. Our results suggest that exporters may inadvertently fail to comply with the rules of origin when exchange rates fluctuate and the value-added ratio changes. A similar official announcement is announced by the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry that exporters should review regularly (para. B monthly) exchange rate fluctuations and confirm whether they still comply with the rules of origin. GlobalRecom AG exclusively provides users with a correspondence platform and does not participate in any way in the exchange of data or communication between users, unless this is expressly provided for in this User Agreement and in the globalrecom privacy policy (www.globalrecom.com/en/privacy-policy.html).

Insofar as users and/or their customers enter into one or more agreements between them, GlobalRecom AG does not participate in such negotiations and GlobalRecom AG is not a party to such an agreement. The user or his customer is solely responsible for the execution of contracts concluded with other users or their customers as well as for the execution of the customer-intermediary contract agreed between the user and his customer. GlobalRecom AG is not responsible for the breach of the obligations of users and/or their customers arising from agreements between users and/or their customers. Most leases include a non-modification clause, which means that no change or change under the terms of the contract is effective unless the amended agreement between the parties is reduced to the written form and signed by both parties. .

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