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What Is Utilisation Agreement

October 11, 2021 | By More

GlobalRecom AG exclusively provides users with a correspondence platform and does not participate in any way in the exchange of data or communication between users, unless this is expressly provided for in this User Agreement and in the globalrecom privacy policy (www.globalrecom.com/en/privacy-policy.html. Insofar as users and/or their customers enter into one or more agreements between them, GlobalRecom AG does not participate in such negotiations and GlobalRecom AG is not a party to such an agreement. The user or his customer is solely responsible for the execution of the agreements concluded with other users or their customers as well as the execution of the main agent contract concluded between the user and his customer. GlobalRecom AG is not responsible for breaches of the obligations of users and/or its customers resulting from agreements between users and/or their customers. The good news is that city, county and city governments can work with school districts through so-called joint use agreements to address these concerns. The right to terminate the contract for a valid reason at any time and without notice remains reserved. Termination for cause exists in particular if the user violates any of the provisions of this User Agreement or applicable data protection laws. In the event of an important reason, GlobalRecom AG may also temporarily or permanently block the user`s access to GLOBALRECOM or introduce restrictions on the functions of GLOBALRECOM to which the user can access and/or delete the data entered by the user. The user is not allowed to act on behalf of GlobalRecom AG. The contractual relationship of the principal agent is governed exclusively by the contract(s) between the user and the customer, in which GlobalRecom AG is not involved. The user guarantees and guarantees that the user has informed his customer accordingly and that the user has contractually agreed with the customer that the user is the provider and responsible for the real estate brokerage services, and in any case not GlobalRecom AG. (i) enter personal data that is not strictly necessary for the achievement of GLOBALRECOM`s purpose and not enter personal data in the fields provided for the search/offer header and the remarks/notes of the subject; Use of the radiation warning symbol Use of the radiation warning symbol22. Access to GLOBALRECOM is granted for a period of one calendar year, subject to payment of user fees.

After the end of the first calendar year, access to GLOBALRECOM will be granted for additional periods of one year, unless the user or GlobalRecom AG does not terminate this User Agreement in a timely manner. (iv) the user has informed his client of the purpose, type and extent of the collection, processing and use of personal data on GLOBALRECOM; The user and GlobalRecom AG have the right to terminate this User Agreement with three months` notice until the end of the one-year period. Notice of termination must be emailed to [email protected]. The collection, processing and/or use of personal data by GlobalRecom AG takes place only on the basis of the user`s consent or if this is permitted by law or to assert his legal rights. The use of personal data is permitted by law, in particular in the context of the performance of GlobalRecom AG`s obligations towards users. The correspondence platform of GlobalRecom AG requires the use, evaluation and disclosure of the personal data of the user and the customer. If the user acknowledges a use of GLOBALRECOM by another user that violates the law or its user agreement, the user must immediately send a notification to GlobalRecom AG ([email protected]). The user is expressly prohibited from using GLOBALRECOM or the data or content accessible through GLOBALRECOM for rights of use other than those specified and granted in this User Agreement.

The user is not entitled to demand a full or partial refund of the user fees paid, unless he has terminated the user agreement for a valid reason for which GlobalRecom AG is responsible. The total or partial refund of the user fees paid is excluded in any case if GlobalRecom AG terminates the user agreement for a valid reason (i); and/or (ii) blocks or restricts the User`s access to GLOBALRECOM; and/or (iii) deletes the data entered by the user. (iv) as well as the seizure of implicit or explicit and/or pornographic, violent, abusive, immoral, harassing and/or counterfeit sexual content. (v) To the extent that the User uses GLOBALRECOM on behalf of a legal entity fully authorized to act on behalf of that entity, the User must provide and comply with a Notice and Takedown Policy to immediately remove illegal content from GLOBALRECOM as soon as the User, Customer and/or GlobalRecom AG become aware of it. If the user does not pay the user fee within 30 days of receipt of the invoice, default interest of 5% on the unpaid amount will be due without further notice….

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