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Would you like to reach a highly targeted audience of La Jolla visitors and residents?

Which do you prefer? Skyscraper display ads (160 pixels wide) appear in the central column. I also offer horizontal ads of various sizes in the right-hand column. Regardless of the location of your ad, it will appear on every page and you’ll reach a target audience of affluent travelers.

Rates vary from US$50 to US$75/month (with a 3-month minimum) and I accept payment via PayPal or check.

The best deal is the “Pay for 6 months, get 7 months package,” which includes:

  • An article on the site describing the La Jolla travel experience your business offers.
  • Promotion of this article on my extensive social media network, which includes Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. I am also a contributor to TripAdvisor.

Have I already written about your travel business, destination, hotel, or attraction on La Jolla Travel Information? If so, you can place an ad inside the article for as little as US$35/month.

If I haven’t written about your business, feel free to contact me. I welcome other affiliate partnership and relationship proposals.

Please use the contact page to get started.

You can pay for your ad via Paypal.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Elizabeth Hansen

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You can make a payment by credit card or PayPal using the form below.